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Takumi Stamping Canada Inc. expands in St. Thomas

Takumi Stamping Canada Inc., a subsidiary of Takagi Manufacturing Company Limited, of Nagoya, Japan, today confirmed that there will be a major expansion to their Canadian Head Office and Manufacturing Facility in St. Thomas, Ontario.

Three years ago, Takumi Stamping Canada Inc. made the decision to make St. Thomas their home and constructed a first class manufacturing plant of nearly 8,500 square meters (89,000 square feet) in the Highbury Industrial Park. Today, the company has announced that the facility will grow by over 50% once its expansion totaling 4,320 square meters (46,500 square feet) is completed.

The company currently employs over 100 team members at their St. Thomas location and they expect to see that number grow by about 1/3 as they continue production of stamped and welded component parts for the Toyota Motor Company and some of its suppliers. Dennis Broome, President of the St. Thomas Economic Development Corporation, noted that, “This expansion demonstrates the confidence that the company has in the St. Thomas workforce as it will make them one of the ten largest employers in the City”.

St. Thomas Mayor Cliff Barwick has met with company officials on numerous occasions and said that, “I am honoured that this company has chosen to expand their operations in St. Thomas.  I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Takagi’s leadership and in the local management team. The relationship between Takumi Stamping Canada Inc. and the City of St. Thomas is very strong and I am looking forward to seeing it grow even stronger in the future.”

During a recent visit to the St Thomas facility, Mr. Takagi re-affirmed that one of  Takagi Manufacturing Company’s key goals was to “continue developing the Takumi Group of operations in North America by investing in North America and employing  more employees in North America”, all of which bodes well for the future of the St. Thomas facility.

The Takagi Manufacturing Company was established in 1890 and incorporated in 1948. They currently have manufacturing operations in Ohio and Texas in the United States, Zhongshan, China, Jakarta, Indonesia and in Okazaki, Japan.  Ryuichi Takagi is the fourth generation of his family to lead the company.