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Stirring Up Global Interest in St. Thomas, Ontario

ST. THOMAS, Ontario, (April 12, 2011) – The unique opportunity of the St. Thomas Industrial Revolutionaries (STIR) Challenge is gaining momentum with interest from across Ontario and as far away as Russia, Ireland and Greece.

The STIR Challenge offers manufacturing companies a unique opportunity to find a home; providing up to 10,000 square feet of space and a basket of services worth almost $70,000 from local companies to help them become the latest member of St. Thomas’ Industrial Revolution as we work to become the greatest manufacturing community in North America.

“The group’s expectations have already been exceeded,” said Brian Dempsey, President of the STIR Board, an organization comprised of private business leaders and members of the community. “With over 600 visits to the www.stirchallenge.ca website, we’ve had solid interest from almost 20 companies, with just under half having already submitted their Phase One applications.

More applications are expected before the April 30th deadline. At that point, Phase 2 of the challenge begins as the STIR panel of experts moves into evaluation mode with the lucky winner to be announced on June 30th, 2011.

About STIR

The St. Thomas Industrial Revolution was created by a group of business leaders and members of the community in response to opportunities presented by the recent economic downturn. The STIR Challenge offers manufacturers a unique opportunity to locate in a city that knows manufacturing. St. Thomas, Ontario has a long and proud manufacturing history, well developed infrastructure, an experienced workforce and easy access to markets of over 150 Million people. The STIR team is dedicated to advancing St. Thomas’s economic development and achieving the vision of becoming the best manufacturing community in North America – and maybe even the world!

Contact: Brian Dempsey
Chairman, STIR Board of Directors