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#stthomasproud Takes Home Silver Award

St. Thomas – September 27, 2016

Every year, the International Economic Development Council’s (IEDC) Excellence in Economic Development Awards distinguish the world’s best economic development programs and partnerships, marketing materials, as well as the year’s most influential leaders. For the first time ever, St. Thomas has been recognized with a Silver Award in the category of Video/Multimedia Promotion for the #stthomasproud campaign.

St. Thomas EDC General Manager Sean Dyke said “This award is amazing for our team and for our community as it represents worldwide recognition for our efforts.  I’m hopeful that it will both help continue the positive momentum of the campaign and generate even more attention for the City on an international scale.”

Born out of negativity following the global economic downturn and since fueled by a resilient positivity, #stthomasproud has become commonplace on social media, sign boards and other marketing channels in the City and around the world.  The recent wave of companies asking to participate in #stthomasproud Fridays has pushed the campaign forward and will no doubt continue to grow the awareness and pride in the community as a result.

In determining winners of the awards, the IEDC selection committee looks at the following criteria:

• Goal/mission
• Effectiveness of the promotion
• Innovation/creativity
• Quality and completeness of information
• Contribution to the economic development profession

Clearly the committee felt that the grassroots campaign is one that deserves attention and EDC President Dennis Broome noted that “We have something incredible here in St. Thomas.  It’s evident in the recognition we receive, in the record sales in the housing market and in the continued growth of the City.”

The Awards were presented in front of over 1,600 economic development professionals at the IEDC’s Annual Conference, held in Cleveland, Ohio.

For further information, please contact:

Sean Dyke, General Manager 


519-631-1680 ext. 4104 (office)