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Faster, Stronger, Better

TOP GEAR is a municipal fast track program that connects new and existing businesses to a more supportive, FASTER process for dealing with local government, getting approvals, permits and solving issues. TOP GEAR will be a best in class municipal support program.

The second output of the Initiative is the formation of community-wide support network for new businesses. We’ll help newcomers connect to banking, legal and accounting support, community services, schools and more. We’ll connect the community of St. Thomas to inspire new business development and support its growth. That will make St. Thomas STRONGER.

Equally important, St. Thomas business leaders will also serve as local mentors before and after you come to town. When you express interest in moving your company or new idea to St. Thomas, we’ll connect you to an established local business leader who is relevant but not competitive to your business. From that day on, your St. Thomas Mentor (or mentors) will assist the EDC in finding answers to your questions, guiding your team in the right direction, navigating pitfalls, and being the personal guide you won’t find in other communities.


The Innovation Centre for Entrepreneurs (ICE) opened for business Juen 2011.  Co-located with the Elgin Business Resource Centre and the Elgin/St. Thomas Small Business Enterprise Centre, ICE provides small and growing businesses with the opportunity to prosper.  This is an excellent way for small business owners to get the support and services they need during those all-important start-up stages of an enterprise.


Carol Groves, Innovation Centre for Entrepreneurs (ICE) Program Coordinator


Innovation Centre for Entrepreneurs (ICE)
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St. Thomas, ON N5P 4L1 Canada
Phone: (519) 633-7597
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