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The Canadian Health Care System is universal in scope and delivery. It’s also famous – everyone gets care, everyone deserves and receives appropriate medical services. While dentistry is not government controlled, most businesses offer some form of dental insurance to help cover the costs.

We’ve also created programs to attract and keep qualified medical personal like physicians and nurses. Clinics fill in the gaps and our hospitals enjoy excellent reputations. Being within a half hour of Canada’s leading teaching hospitals and the Western Children’s Hospital also helps solidify our position as one of Canada’s best served  communities when it comes to healthcare.

Hospital Details

St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital

St. Thomas/Elgin General Hospital is a full service 157-bed facility providing comprehensive 24-hour coverage in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Anesthesia, Emergency, Mental Health and Family Medicine. These beds include 100 acute care, 30 complex continuing care, 12 rehabilitation, and 15 mental health. As a fully accredited hospital, we are proud to serve the city of St Thomas and all eight municipalities within the County of Elgin.

London Health Sciences Centre

London Health Sciences Centre is one of Canada’s largest teaching hospitals. Dedicated to excellence in patient care, teaching and research, London Health Sciences Centre has a capacity of 976 beds and 40 bassinets. The staff of 7,497, care for more than half a million inpatient, outpatient and emergency patients annually.  Premier services and programs include: Clinical Neurological Sciences, Life Support, Cardiovascular and Thoracic Medicine, Cancer Care, Multi-Organ Transplantation, Women’s & Children’s Health, Reproductive Medicine, Orthopaedic/Sports Medicine.

St. Joseph’s Hospital

An acute care teaching hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital is a world leader in research, patient care and continuous quality improvement. The Hospital cares for more than 18,600 inpatients and 368,000 outpatients annually, and welcomes nearly 3,633 babies annually. St. Joseph’s has 400 acute-care beds, 424 long-term care beds and 30 rehabilitation beds, housed at the Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care. St. Joseph’s Hospital is recognized as a leader in the areas of maternal and neonatal care, urology, orthopaedics, gerontology, endocrinology and metabolism, diagnostic imaging and surgery. St. Joseph’s organization also includes Parkwood Hospital, a 564-bed facility specializing in Veterans care, complex care, rehabilitation and geriatrics.

St. Thomas Psychiatric Hospital

STPH joined together with the London Psychiatric Hospital in 1995 and began operating under a single Administration. STPH provides mental health services to people from the Southwestern Ontario. Treatment, rehabilitation and support from STPH are provided to individuals with psychiatric disorders, and addiction or developmental challenges.