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The word on the street about living in St. Thomas is that there’s 25% more life here. You get a little more house for your money – your children get a little more sports and arts, and you get a little more recreation. It all adds up to lifestyle. Our costs of living are lower – that means your quality of life and that of your employees and their families can go up.

It’s also important to note that living in St. Thomas is a safe and secure choice. Local police and fire departments are excellent – local neighbourhoods and citizens look out for each other too. This is a strong and safe community.

Recreation Details

Amenities are essential for maintaining an enjoyable quality of life in any community. In St. Thomas the opportunities abound. Whether your interests are sailing or relaxing on the beach, golfing, hiking, or theatre, St. Thomas and Elgin County offer something for everyone.

The opportunities for recreation and relaxation available in St. Thomas promote public life, social interaction, and general well-being. St. Thomas is fortunate to benefit from numerous cultural, urban and natural amenities. In addition to those amenities located in the City, the people of St. Thomas enjoy close access to the shores of Lake Erie as well as opportunities found in other neighbouring communities.

The City of St. Thomas, Community Services Department maintains and programs a variety of facilities around the City. The Department runs year-round programming and strives to maintain the highest level of service which meets the needs of all City residents.

Recreation Facilities

Art Galleries 1
Ball Diamonds 32
Basketball Courts 17
Community Centres 2
Fitness Facilities 4
Football Fields 5
Gymnasium 15
Halls 16
Ice Surfaces 1
Libraries 1
Playgrounds 19
Swimming Pools 4
Soccer Fields 19
Tennis Courts 8


The residents of St. Thomas enjoy access to more than 300 acres of parkland. With a ratio of 9.6 acres per 1,000 population, there is no shortage of recreational opportunities to capture all interests, regardless of age or ability.

Dalewood Conservation Area: The Dalewood Conservation area, 55 acre tract of undeveloped land, provides a unique recreational opportunity for those interested in hiking, camping, swimming, canoeing, or just relaxing in a natural setting. Dalewood is part of the larger Kettle Creek Conservation Authority, an agency with more conservation areas and opportunities surrounding the city.

St. Thomas Police Service

The St. Thomas Police Service provides police protection for the citizens and businesses of St. Thomas. The Police Service operates using a philosophy of preventative policing, addressing the areas of crime prevention, crime detection and apprehension, and traffic safety. They are dedicated to preserving the quality of life and security enjoyed by the community at large and maintain an active community policing program. The Police Service operates more than 30 community programs in conjunction with various other community agencies. St. Thomas and Elgin County are 911 communities.

St. Thomas Fire Department

The St. Thomas Fire Department is equipped to handle all potential major (and minor) threats to life and property.  The St. Thomas Fire Department consists of two stations which are the St. Thomas Central Fire Station and the Captain Dennis Redman Substation.

The St. Thomas Fire Department is part of the local 911 system and is dispatched locally.