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Peer Mentoring- You Already Have a Local Network

When you express interest in moving your company or new idea to St. Thomas, we’ll connect you to an established local business leader who is relevant but not competitive to your business. From that day on, your St. Thomas Mentor (or mentors) will assist the EDC is finding answers to your questions, guiding your team in the right direction, navigating pitfalls, and being the personal guide you won’t find in other communities.

Rapid Response

The City of St. Thomas will convene its Rapid Response Team to ensure an expedited development process of your project.  The Rapid Response Team is comprised of City Managers whose Departments are involved in various aspects of the development process.  These individuals are committed to expediting the project.


In early 2010, the business and industry leaders of St. Thomas agreed to a mission – to help St. Thomas become the best manufacturing community in North America – maybe even the world. We have started that process. TOP GEAR is part of the answer – as is mentoring and EDC support for the life of your company in St. Thomas.

But just as important, the St. Thomas Industrial Revolutionaries (STIR) team is now in the process of inspiring wide-spread community support. We are preparing St. Thomas for a sustainable future – a future that includes leadership and early innovation in all aspects of manufacturing and food processing for all kinds of industries.

Visit the STIR section of this site to learn more.