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You can get everywhere from here – and you can get back easily from just about everywhere in the world. Air, road, rail, water – we’re close and connected by every means of transport known to humankind.

• St. Thomas’ location adjacent to Canada’s main transportation route, Highway 401 provides unparalleled access to all major North American markets.

• The City’s industrial area is well connected to mainline rail routes, a definite advantage for many local industries. Remaining true to its role as Canada’s Railway Capital, St. Thomas is well served by the Canadian National Railway (CN) and Canadian Pacific (CP) Railway, as well as Norfolk & Southern, the Trillium Railway Corporation and Ontario Southland Railway.

• St. Thomas’s Regional Airport plus International airports at nearby London and within 90 minutes in Toronto’s west end make air shipping and travel easy.

• St. Thomas is only minutes from the Great Lakes system and less than two hours from a deep water, full service port.


Distance to Major Centres
City Miles Kilometres
Detroit 114 185
Toronto 127 205
Buffalo 133 215
Chicago 429 690
Montreal 456 735
New York 609 980

Distance to Border Crossings

Border Point Miles Kilometres
Port Huron, MI- Sarnia, On 68 110
Detroit, MI- Windsor, ON 114 185
Niagara Falls, NY/ ON 130 210
Buffalo, NY- Fort Erie, ON 133 215
Lewsiton, NY- Queenston, ON 136 220

Customs Brokers

Customs Brokers Phone Number Web Site
Buckland Customs Brokers Ph.(519) 631-4944 http://www.bucklandcustoms.com

Border Services

Canada Customs Phone
Automated Customs information 1-800-461-9999

Rail Contacts

Canadian National Railway 1-800-601-7630 (Customer Support)
1-888-888-5909 (General Information)
Canadian Pacific Railway (403) 319-7000 (Head Office)
1-800-601-7630 (Customer Service)
Ontario Southland Railway (519) 471-7334

Local Air Services

Many local businesses take full advantage of the St. Thomas Regional Airport to facilitate the movement of both personnel and product. The Airport’s 5,050 foot/1,540 metre runway is used by hundreds of international flights annually, saving local businesses countless hours of transportation time when it matters most.

The St. Thomas Municipal Airport is proud to offer modern facilities and is capable of landing aircraft similar in size to a Gulfstream 3 or larger if not fully loaded. In addition to its 5,050 ft. x 100 ft asphalt runway, it has two 2,640 ft. runways. The airport offers lighted runways and a GPS (stand alone) approach. Services available include customs clearance, catering, aircraft refueling and maintenance, and logistical support to out of town customers.

Service Available Locally

Engine preheat G.P.U on request
De-icing Fuel 100LL, Jet A, 80/87
Aircraft towing Aircraft maintenance
Custom Catering Hanger space and tie-down
Centre point fuel Aviation commercial building sites

Air Service Contacts

St. Thomas Airport Ph. (519) 633-5866
London International Airport Ph. (519) 452-4015
London Flight Service Ph. 1-800-265-1031
Canada Customs (CANPASS) Ph. 1-888-226-2727


St. Thomas is located within a two-hour drive of three deep water ports that provide various levels of service.

Distance to Area Ports

Miles KM
Sarnia, ON 68 110
Hamilton, ON 90 145
Toronto, ON 127 205

Harbour Contacts

Port Stanley, ON Ph. (519) 782-3054
Sarnia, ON Ph. (519) 337-5121
Hamilton, ON Ph. (905) 525-4330
Toronto, ON Ph. (416) 863-2000