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Hydroelectric, green energy, Canada’s vast reserves of oil and natural gas, new clean tech like wind, geothermal and solar – St. Thomas is in one of the world’s great energy heartlands. We have the energy to make things better and faster; we have the expertise to keep your lights on.


Natural Gas Distribution

Union Gas Limited is a major Canadian natural gas utility, which provides energy delivery to residents and businesses in the St. Thomas area. Union Gas also provides natural gas storage and transportation services for other utilities and energy market participants. Union Gas is regulated under the Ontario Energy Board Act, and subject to the Energy Act (Ontario) and Public Utilities Act (Ontario). Because of deregulation in the Ontario energy industry, the option now exists to purchase natural gas from other suppliers, to be delivered through the Union Gas distribution system.

Natural Gas Contact:

Union Gas Limited
109 Commissioners Road
P.O.Box 5353
London, Ontario
N6A 4P1
Ph.: (519) 667-4100

For more information on natural gas rates and services, visit http://www.uniongas.com

City of St. Thomas, Environmental Services Department

545 Talbot Street
St. Thomas, ON N5P 3V7
Ph.: (519) 631-1680
Fax: (519) 631-2130

Water Supply

The City of St. Thomas provides water services to businesses and residents in the City of St. Thomas. There is a nearly unlimited supply of potable water available in the City, supplied via pipeline from Lake Erie located only 14 km/9 miles away.

Sewer Services

The City of St. Thomas provides sewer services to businesses and residents. Sanitary Sewer Charges are assessed based upon water consumption and vary for residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial users. Storm Drainage Rate is a rate based upon property type and size.

Sewage Service Rates

St. Thomas Sewage Service Rates

Customer Class Sanitary Sewage Service Rate Storm Drainage Rate
Residential $1.52 per cubic metre $7.39 per monthly billing
Commercial $0.50 per cubic metre $7.39 per monthly billing*
Institutional $0.50 per cubic metre $7.39 per monthly billing*
Industrial $1.15 per cubic metre $102.06/ha/monthly billing
The Sanitary Sewage Service rate is assessed on water consumption.
The Storm Drainage Rate is a flat charge based on property size. Commercial & Institutional properties larger than 1,800 square metres pay $102.06/ha/month.
* Less than 1800 M2

Water and Wastewater

Monthly Local Distribution Costs
Meter Size Monthly Charge
5/8″ $15.27
3/4″ $21.52
1.00″ $30.37
1 1/2″ $48.57
2.00″ $79.02
3.00″ $127.87
4.00″ $252.17
6.00″ $436.77
8.00″ $581.33
Metered Rate: $1.2844/M3


St. Thomas Energy Services Inc.

135 Edward Street St.
Thomas, ON N5R 4A8
Ph.: (519) 631-5550
Fax: (519) 631-4771
E-mail: contact@sttenergy.com


Hydro Rates: www.sttenergy.com/index.php/information/rates

As the local electricity distribution company, St. Thomas Energy Services has a customer base of approximately 18,000 customers.  In order to realize growth opportunities and to become more involved in the growing Renewable Energy Sector, a holding company was formed that purchased a number of private businesses that serve energy markets.

The initiative is called Partners in Power and leverages the knowledge of various companies to position themselves to assist in the construction and maintenance of renewable energy projects throughout the country.  The three companies are:

  • Tiltran – Located nearby in Tillsonburg, this company focuses on high-voltage electrical engineering, construction and maintenance of renewable energy installations.  They are currently involved in over 100 projects in Ontario, including a 10 MW wind farm in Chatham-Kent (installation and project management of the operation’s electrical collector systems), and Canada’s largest wind turbine installation at Wolfe Island.
  • Lizco Sales – Also located in Tillsonburg, this company provides power equipment, with an emphasis on transformers.  They have the largest privately-owned new transformer inventory in Canada.
  • Tal Trees Construction – Located in Belleville this organization specializes in site engineering and construction and maintenance of high voltage sub-stations, transformers and overhead lines.

The partnership focuses on three different roles in renewable energy projects:

1.  Project development and maintenance of renewable energy installations

2.  Contractor of specific elements for renewable energy projects

3.  Ownership of their own renewable energy installations

St. Thomas Energy Services is unique in Ontario as they take an active role in investment attraction and business development for the sector.  The Partners in Power partnership therefore highlights not only the benefits of working with the City-owned local distribution on new project development, but also the progressive public-private entrepreneurial nature of the community, with an obvious focus on the Renewable Energy Sector.

This group of companies is currently involved in many of the major renewable projects across the province.