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Enthusiastic, able, skilled, caring – extremely talented when it comes to making everything a little better, faster and stronger. Our workforce can become your competitive advantage. There are few centres (if any) with the concentration of skilled labour that St. Thomas enjoys. We’re as good at prototyping as we are at producing; as good at food processing as we are at advanced manufacturing, green energy and clean tech. Wages are competitive – the attitude is too.

labour Force Characteristics

Males Females
In labour Force 9,244 7,297
Participation Rate 73% 57%
Employed 8,422 7,217
Unemployed 822 710
Not In labour Force 3,353 5,888


Employment Services Elgin

Employment Standards (Ministry of Labour)

Health & Safety (Ministry of Labour)

Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB)

Employment Governance

Employment Standards Ontario has an Employment Standards Act that applies to most employees and employers. The Act covers the following topics; who is covered by the Act and how it applies payment of wages, hours of work, annual vacation, termination of employment, child employment, parental leave, employment agencies, minimum wage, general holidays, and pay legislation. For details, visit the Ministry of Labour website at www.labour.gov.on.ca